The 1 thing that can banish your joy!

Think how often we fall for the comparison trap. “You are the hottest/smartest/funniest person in this room.” Why do we have to diminish everyone else in the room in an attempt to praise one individual? Comparison praise feeds into the Small Potential — the limited success that you achieve alone — mentality that success, leadership, creativity, beauty, love, or anything else that we care about are limited resources. When you tell a group of people that only a certain percentage of them can be successful, you are dampening everyone’s drive and ambition. #sandraslifechronicles

The Journey Begins


“You can’t just wish for a better life, you must go out there and create it.”

Starting a blog was scary for me. I had a hard time trying to focus on a topic. So I thought…. “Why do I need to just focus on 1 topic? In daily life, we deal with multiple topics a day, right?”

So here is a place you can browse through my experiences, tips, videos on life.

Enjoy, and thank you for joining me.

Xoxo 💋 ❤️