Best Cupcakes in NH VOTE!!

Voting ends Thursday 9am. Vote Sandra’s Cupcakes Couture Derry, NH for the best cupcakes in NH

To vote: comment on the WMUR post on Facebook. Link below

There is still time to vote.

Vote for Sandra’s Cupcakes Couture (voting ends at 9am today!!)

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Change your mindset!

Doing the same things over and over, and you’ll get the same results.

It’s easier to eat pizza than run on the treadmill. But it won’t do anything for your healthy eating goals. And while no one wants to give up on goals, sometimes we need something to shake us out of our routines.

Usually, it takes a change in mindset. It takes thinking about what’s possible instead of what can go wrong. When you start believing you can achieve the things you want. As a glass half full instead of half empty, it’s easier to step boldly toward your dreams.

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Fuck Perfection!

Perfection. Being perfect. Is this something you strive for? Maybe something you struggle with? Be Amazing…Not Perfect! Perfection is not always attainable. Perfection is something I have strived for in a lot of areas of my life, but in reality I know I won’t reach it. Instead I choose to strive.

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Finally a night out with my amazing Husband.

Very often, us as parents forget to take time out for our significant other. Try your best to make that time (even once a month) to make it just about the 2 of you. I choose to do this because one day our children will all be out of the house, and I want to still be in-tune with my Husband. I don’t want to have to get to re-know eachother. #mylove #adulttime # datenight #balance #sandraslifechronicles